The three assault weapons are a Freudian satire used to illustrate the absurdity of the male aggression paradigm . What I hope to say is that the invisible cost of war is not the actual gun or the obscene profits made by their procurement, or the very visible dead and maimed, or the invasion of the “other.” What is invisible is the underlying culture of weapons as a profoundly male instrument of power and aggression, brutality and dominance. This machine, embraced by male cultures around the world, symbolizes the failure of our species to rise above the dominant narrative. We are one earth, one beautiful paradise of differentness. Automatic weapons kill whatever chance a civilized world has to reach the only worthwhile goal of every living thing – life, compassion and caring, cooperation, love and peace. As for the title which may appear flippant at first, it is a reference to us as toddlers when we’re learning how to care for ourselves and for each other. “Mommy wipe me,” is a child’s call to mother for help. We should ask ourselves how the male narrative devolved so drastically from those early years of simple innocence to this idolatry of male aggression.